As the name suggests, I am a doctor who happens to be fat. And whilst neither of those two things define me as a person, they are probably the reason you have ended up here today. I started this blog in June 2020 as a means of tracking my weight loss journey. At the time I was deeply entrenched in diet culture and restricting my calorie intake as a means of bringing my BMI down to a more “acceptable” level. A lot has changed since then.

Fat people experience discrimination every single day. From the classroom to the boardroom, there is no escaping anti-fat bias. Once I understood the way in which this was impacting the healthcare profession, I could no longer keep silent. Weight stigma is dangerous and people are becoming sick and dying as a result of it. Diets don’t work, the BMI needs to be scrapped and doctors need to stop prescribing weight loss.

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My blog charts my journey from serial dieter to weight inclusive GP and intuitive eater. Some of my earlier posts no longer reflect my beliefs, but rather than erase them, I have decided to keep them as a record of where I was when I started this journey and how far I have come since then. For those who are concerned about the potential for my earlier posts to trigger them, I have categorized them into “weight normative” and “weight inclusive”.

I also share some more personal posts which some might find distressing. You will find them under the category “My Story”. That being said, all of my posts come with a content warning. I deal with a range of issues including diet talk, eating disorders, depression, self-harm and suicide. Whilst I try to handle these issues as carefully and sensitively as possible, some readers may find them upsetting.


2021 is the year that I get the Fat Doctor Podcast off the ground. It is still a work in progress, just like me, and I am working with the very talented Char Alves-Briggs. I”ll keep you updated here.


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Other Voices

Since starting this website, I have wanted to provide a space for other people to share their voices. I believe we all have a story to share and I have personally found that telling my own has been a really healing and cathartic experience. If you would like to share a story please contact me using the form below.


You can find out more about the person behind the Fat Doctor here. Please note that all of my opinions are my own and do not reflect my employers of any of the professional bodies that I belong to.

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