Dr Asher Larmie is combatting weight stigma and promoting weight-inclusive care.


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Take Your Power Back

Do you feel powerless when it comes to your health? Do you find yourself avoiding your doctor or leaving your medical consultations unheard and dismissed? Well that sucks, friend. It really does. You deserve so much better, but there’s simply not enough justice in healthcare. So if you’re serious about reclaiming power over your healthcare journey, then this life-changing course is tailored just for you. 

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Are you looking for a community of passionate, curious and creative individuals who are committed to combatting health inequality and medical weight stigma? Then look no further than The Weighting Room. Join us as we support, uplift and celebrate with one another, whilst plotting to dismantle the fatphobia in our healthcare system. 

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Dealing with weight loss surgery referrals


Live Q&A session + PDF
Tuesday April 9th, 2024
2 PM (GMT)


My consultation with you has helped me in more ways than I can list here or even have the words to describe. Talking to you about what I’ve been dealing with, I finally feel heard and no longer alone.
I'm telling everybody and their dog to take this course. I cannot shut up about it. It is truly empowering, easy to digest and it's just joyful to an extent too. Your energy bringing people together who hold so much respect and compassion for each other is remarkable.
Take Your Power Back

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