Dr Asher Larmie is combatting weight stigma and promoting weight-inclusive care.


I aim to provide knowledge, promote self-acceptance, and advocate for weight-inclusive treatment. I create resources to help individuals understand and combat weight stigma while offering support and advice to those facing challenges in accessing fair and equal care.


Whether you're looking for an enriching course, engaging live events, or personalized one-on-one support, you can rest assured, I've got you covered.


Unlock a wealth of knowledge through e-books, courses, and masterclasses. Explore medical conditions without the weight loss narrative, and empower yourself with information.


Get personalized support with one-on-one consultations. I'm here to stand with you, providing guidance and advocating for your unique healthcare needs.


Join a supportive community that understands your rights and how to attain them. Together, we'll empower you to access equitable healthcare and live a life free from weight stigma.

Client Testimonials

My consultation with you has helped me in more ways than I can list here or even have the words to describe. Talking to you about what I’ve been dealing with, I finally feel heard and no longer alone.



I'm telling everybody and their dog to take this course. I cannot shut up about it. It is truly empowering, easy to digest and it's just joyful to an extent too. Your energy bringing people together who hold so much respect and compassion for each other is remarkable


(Take Your Power Back)

I bought the book yesterday and have never read anything so fast in my life! It provided me with so much incredibly helpful info and was explained in such an approachable way. I truly appreciate the your evidence-based anti-diet approach and the social justice lens you apply to PCOS.



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Your Health, Your Voice

Unlock the power of 'Your Health, Your Voice: A Guide to Confident Advocacy during the Medical Consultation.' For the low price of £25, gain access to a live and interactive Zoom webinar where you'll learn to navigate your health journey with confidence. This comprehensive package includes a life-changing 16-page workbook, packed with valuable information and dozens of tips, as well as unlimited access to the recording of the webinar (plus transcript for unlimited review). Empower yourself today for a healthier tomorrow!

Online Webinar
Nov 29th
7.30 PM (GMT)
16 page Workbook
Unlimited access to recording
Low income discount

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