Podcast – Ep 1: ‘Introducing the Fat Doctor’ with Tanya Phoenix.

In this episode of ‘The Fat Doctor Podcast’, Dr. Natasha Larmie is joined by her sister – children’s author and singer/songwriter – Tanya Phoenix. Dr. Larmie and Tanya discuss their  ancestry, how it influenced the culture surrounding food and body image in their childhood home and yet although they grew up in the same home, ate the same food, and experienced the same weight shaming on a regular basis they both turned out very differently. 

Together Dr Larmie and Tanya intimately discuss the following:

  • Why their family was so focused on body image and thinness.
  • Dr Larmie discusses how the body shaming she experienced as child has followed her into adulthood.
  • Research based evidence into how body shaming and dieting in the family can negatively affect children. 
  • How weight loss isn’t necessarily a sign of health from both a physical and mental perspective. 

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Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

You can find out more about Tanya on Instagram at @firebirdinthefigtree.

You can learn more about Tanya’s brilliant stories at @beatrixphoenixwrites.  

More about the show:

How would you react if someone told you that most of what we are taught to believe about healthy bodies is a lie? 

How would you feel if that person was a medical doctor with over 20 years experience treating patients and seeing the harm caused by all this misinformation?

In her podcast, Dr Natasha Larmie,  an experienced General Practitioner and self-styled Fat Doctor, examines and challenges ‘health’ as we know it through passionate, unfiltered conversations with guest experts, colleagues and friends.

She tackles the various ways in which weight stigma and anti-fat bias impact both individuals and society as a whole.  From the classroom to the boardroom, the doctors office to the local pub,  weight-based discrimination is everywhere. Is it any wonder that it has such an impact on our health? 

Whether you’re a person affected by weight stigma, a healthcare professional, a concerned parent or an ally who shares our view that people in larger bodies deserve better, Dr. Larmie and the team at ‘The Fat Doctor Podcast’ welcomes you into the inner circle.

More about Tanya Phoenix:

The daughter of immigrants and the descendant of genocide survivors, Tanya Phoenix is a singer/songwriter, author and ‘truth teller’ who is no stranger to ‘otherness’ as a self-described ‘short, fat, bald, barren, bipolar and mindfully single woman’ and has a strong affinity for anyone who is marginalised and oppressed. Tanya hopes her stories will facilitate adults and children to have meaningful conversations about important subjects such as otherness and inequality.  

When Tanya isn’t writing or singing she is often enjoying walks with friends and family in the British countryside or honouring her ancestors with a slice of cake. 

1 thought on “Podcast – Ep 1: ‘Introducing the Fat Doctor’ with Tanya Phoenix.”

  1. Loved the episode but it is always a double edged sword – the reassurance of your message while also knowing that the vast majority of medical professionals are highly discriminatory with regards to weight/BMI. And when the patient tries to advocate for HAES and weight inclusive care, they are met with derision and defensiveness. Please keep doing what you are doing – it will save lives, literally.

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