Podcast – Ep 2: What Is Weight Stigma? (With Ragen Chastain)

In this episode of ‘The Fat Doctor Podcast’, Dr. Natasha Larmie is joined by speaker, writer, Certified Health Coach, and thought leader in the fields of Body Image, Health at Every Size, and Weight Stigma Ragen Chastain.

Together Dr Larmie and Ragen intimately discuss the following:

  • What is weight stigma and fatphobia?
  • Where and how weight stigma manifests in the life of people living in bigger bodies. 
  • Ragen discusses the highs and lows of her experiences as both a fat athlete and a thought leader in the area of weight stigma. 
  • They bust myths regarding health and weight loss in both research and medical practice and the harm that it causes. 

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Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

You can find out more about Ragen’s Monthly Workshops (including video library of past workshops) at https://danceswithfat.org/monthly-online-workshops/.

You can find the HAES Health Sheets for Diagnosis-Specific Weight Neutral Healthcare information and research bank at: www.HAESHealthSheets.com

Or connect with like-minded people at Ragen’s Weight Neutral Fitness for All Shapes and Sizes community ‘Fit Fatties’ here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fitfatties.

More about the show:

How would you react if someone told you that most of what we are taught to believe about healthy bodies is a lie? 

How would you feel if that person was a medical doctor with over 20 years experience treating patients and seeing the harm caused by all this misinformation?

In her podcast, Dr Natasha Larmie,  an experienced General Practitioner and self-styled Fat Doctor, examines and challenges ‘health’ as we know it through passionate, unfiltered conversations with guest experts, colleagues and friends.

More about Ragen Chastain:

Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, Certified Health Coach, and thought leader in the fields of Body Image, Health at Every Size, and Weight Stigma. Ragen is a sought-after speaker on the corporate, conference, and college circuits where she has brought her signature mix of humor and hard facts to diverse stages from Google Headquarters to Dartmouth to the Diabetes Education Specialists National Conference. Author of the popular blog danceswithfat, the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual, and editor of the anthology The Politics of Size, Ragen is frequently featured as an expert in print, radio, television, and documentary film. Ragen is a three-time National dance champion and two-time marathoner who holds the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Woman to Complete a Marathon, and co-founded the Fit Fatties Forum which has grown to over 10,000 members. Ragen lives in LA with her partner and their two adorable dogs.

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