F*ck Social Media

This is the second time my Instagram account has been disabled within the last month. Did I violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines? No, I did not. Does it matter? Not really.

Listen, I discovered social media in my forties. I’ve made a ton of friends on there. I talk to some of them on a near daily basis. More importantly, social media is where I discovered the fat liberation community. It’s where I learned about body acceptance, the dangers of diet culture, and the truth about fat oppression.

I get my book reccomendations on social media. I started to appreciate art for the first time on social media. I constantly see beautiful bodies that look like mine on social media. So I have no plans to abandon or boycott these platform because I recognise their value.

That being said, I hate being beholden to a corporation that puts profit over people. A company that designs algorithms to protect the social elite whilst punishing those who stand up against injustice. Because make no mistake – that is happening every day on sites like Instagram and Tik Tok. People are being censored in a way that is subtle and can never be proven.

We are shadowbanned. Our posts never make it to the top of anyone’s feed. They are also removed without ever giving us the chance to fight back. And then if you’re unlucky like me, your account suddenly gets disabled for absolutely no reason at all and you have no means of getting it back without jumping through a ton of hoops. And even then there are no guarantees.

So I’ve come to a decision. Never again I am going to invest all my time, energy and resources into a platform that isn’t my own and can censor and silence me on a whim. That doesn’t mean I am going to leave social media altogether. I’ll still be posting regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok.

But if and when I get my account back, I am going to have to start playing by the rules in order for this to stop happening. I’m gonna have to make nice with the social elite. Which means I will not longer be able to be my true authentic self anymore. If you want to hear from the #RealFatDoctor, you’re going to need to come to the source. Right here.

In addition to social media, I am going to be posting regularly here from now onward because this website is mine and no one can tell me what to do apart from myself!

2 thoughts on “F*ck Social Media”

  1. And right you are. I am SO in favor of paid social media. ‘we’ pay with our life for what is so called free. Everything that is either very cheap or free: someone has to pay. This time it’s you and us fat folk. It’s dictatorship and we’re the cheap labor that keeps the advertising machine running. I hope you take good care of yourself. Be kind to yourself, you deserve that

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