Apathy is an Illness

I think this caption speaks for itself. First I argued that doctors that not be allowed to mistreat their patients and go against their duty of care. Then I went on to ask if anyone disagreed. Bjones2410 (we’ll call them BJ for short) replied. To be fair to BJ, I did ask the question in […]

Can white people experience racism?

OK, two things here. I am not a racist. And being fat doesn’t mean I’m going to die young. Lets tackle the latter first. Please read this article. The defense rests. Now to my first point. I am not a racist. In his book “How to be an anti-racist” Ibram X Kendi defines a racist […]

Illness shaming

Excuse me, what? If you want to disagree with me about whether being fat causes chronic diseases then please read this article. And this one. And finally this one. Once you have critically appraised all three of these articles, and checked out all the studies that are cited, then we can talk. Until then, why […]

Jumping through hoops

We are definitely underfunded in GP land. And we have all become pretty blase about jumping through hoops set by the government in order to get more money. But this is not necessarily a good thing. And here’s why. First of all you need to understand how general practice is funded in the UK. We […]


I chose a career in medicine when I was 3 years old. Or so my mother used to tell me. I graduated medical school in 2003, and could not wait to get out on to the wards and start my career. Almost 20 years, three children and one pandemic later, I am not sure where […]

The Economic Burden

No. Just… no. This guy lives in Nashville. Tennessee is a red state and I am fairly confident that this man is a registered Republican. Which means he votes against free healthcare. So his comment makes no sense whatsoever. Insurance companies have been using fat as an excuse to charge extra insurance premiums, often to […]

The Passable GP versus the Fat Doctor

This doctor, whose describes herself as a “passable GP” on her Instagram profile, has since deleted her comments. And I’m not going to spend any time focusing on her, but rather some of the deeply troubling messages buried within this post. First of all, I want to acknowledge that GPs are struggling. You may not […]