The Economic Burden

No. Just… no.

This guy lives in Nashville. Tennessee is a red state and I am fairly confident that this man is a registered Republican. Which means he votes against free healthcare. So his comment makes no sense whatsoever.

Insurance companies have been using fat as an excuse to charge extra insurance premiums, often to the most disadvantaged folks. Because we all know that the social determinants of health not only impact your need for healthcare, but also impact your wasitline. The poorer or more marginalised you are, the more health issues you are likely to have and the more you are likely to weigh.

Is this fair? No. Is this deliberate?

OF COURSE IT IS? This is all part of a system of oppression that is designed to subdue and even eradicate certain groups of people from the earth. Which people? Why anyone who is a threat to the social elite.

Sounds too extreme?

Well lets think about it, shall we.

The Society of Actuaries and Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors of America published height and weight tables for many years that were used by both insurance companies and medical professionals. They determined what a “normal” weight was, and punished fat people by charging higher premiums. At the same time, those same people were receiving poorer healthcare due to medical weight stigma and the anti-fat bias that existed across the board in medicine. Eventually the tables were replaced by the BMI, but the principle is the same.

Fat people pay more for their insurance. And fat people receive poorer healthcare. This is worse in people who belong to a marginalized group. Firstly, the tables were only produced by comparing white European Cis-gendered folk. So we have no idea what is “normal” for Black, Brown, Indigenous, or Melanated folk. Or those who don’t identify is either “male or female”. Secondly, marginalized people are already experiencing discrimination within the medical community, so this is just adding to it.

So why do I think it’s deliberate?

Because society has always been like this. The social power elite are afraid of losing their power, so they do everything they can to subdue and oppress the masses. They hold on to all the wealth and resources within society by making sure that no on else is able to pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps. Because anyone who has ever laced up a pair of boot will know, that’s actually pretty impossible to do.

What better way to oppress large groups of people than to keep them poor and in poor health too? As for you, Travis Johnson, didn’t anyone teach you that you can’t tell a damn thing about the health of a person just by looking them. Not only is that nonsense, but it’s also prejudiced. No? No one ever taught you that? What a surprise.

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