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Pioneering Weight-Inclusive Healthcare

Dr Asher Larmie (he/they) is a Transmasculine weight-inclusive GP and leading expert in weight stigma. He is a fat activist and the founder of the #NOWeigh campaign. With over two decades of medical experience and a lifelong journey as a Fat person, Asher is combatting weight stigma and promoting weight-inclusive care as the self-styled Fat Doctor.


Asher started off writing a weight loss blog in June 2020, adamant that he would find a long term solution to his “weight problem”.  Within a few months he began to  recognize the toll that years of weight stigma, low self-esteem, and weight cycling had taken on his physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and embarked on a transformative journey. 

He now creates educational resources to help individuals understand and combat weight stigma, while offering support and advice to those facing challenges in accessing fair and equal care. He has featured in a number of newspapers and magazines, and has experience speaking both on television and the radio.  

Asher aims to provide knowledge, promote self-acceptance, and advocate for weight-inclusive treatment. His work is founded on two core principles: autonomy and justice. You can learn more about these guiding values below.


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10 things you should know about Asher

He is not a role model

he doesn't have all the answers and his life is not something to aspire to

He is an open book

He is unreserved in sharing his personal journey, openly documenting his own struggles

He is a fighter

He doesn't back down easily. If you're seeking someone who consistently takes the high road, you might want to look elsewhere

He wears his heart on his sleeve

He hopes being an authentic version of himself will inspire others to do the same

he is a socialist

He is a left leaning liberal snowflake and he make no apologies for it

he is a talker

He absolutely loves discussing weight stigma, and could talk about it all day long

He doesn't tolerate white supremacy

He is an intersectional feminist and an anti-racist

He tells the truth

He is committed to honesty, even when the truth is uncomfortable

he is not trying to be an influencer

He has no aspirations for fame. In fact, he can't think of anything less desirable

He is dangerous

He is a disruptor, challenging the established norms and questioning the status quo


Get to know Asher better by exploring his journey

Asher, born Natasha in May 1980, was raised by immigrant parents in North London. His mother, an Ashkenazi Jew, had a lifelong struggle with dieting, and ultimately reached her goal weight in March 2013. She passed away three months later from pancreatic cancer. Asher's father, an Armenian Cypriot, is a successful businessman. Although still alive, he ceased communication many years ago.

Asher graduated from Barts and The London Medical School in 2003, having worked as a healthcare assistant in a hospice prior to that. After obtaining their degree, they embarked on a series of hospital rotations, gaining experience in a variety of fields including General Medicine, General Surgery, OBGyn, Emergency Medicine, Geriatrics, and Paediatrics. They qualified as a GP in 2009.

Asher celebrated his 40th birthday during the COVID pandemic. Concerned about his potential exposure while working, he stepped on the scale for the first time in a long while. According to the WHO, he was now 40kg too heavy with a BMI of over 40. That was far too many 40s for his liking, and convinced that dieting was the only option, he embarked on yet another weight loss journey.

While he was able to shed a significant amount of weight, he ultimately found himself in the same familiar predicament as before. Before long, his mental health began to deteriorate, and he found himself on the brink of giving up on everything, including his blog. During that period, Asher was introduced to the anti-diet movement, and in early 2021, he embarked on an Intuitive Eating course that profoundly transformed his life. Before they realized it, they transitioned into an advocate for weight-inclusive medicine and embarked on a journey of fat activism and body liberation.

Asher's journey of self-discovery within the LGBTQ+ community has seen its share of mixed reactions, beginning with his coming out as queer in 1994. While he has always been part of the LGBTQ+ community, there were times when wasn't as open about his identity as he is now. In November 2021, he came out as Non-binary individual and officially adopted the name Asher. He now identifies as Transmasculine and uses he/they pronouns. This realization marked a profound moment that took 41 years to surface, even though he has had a sense of his gender identity from a young age.

After two decades in medicine, Asher experienced chronic burnout. Working in a profession that often clashed with his values and failed to address weight stigma among colleagues took its toll. It was then that Asher made the life-changing decision to step away from his role as a GP and devote his time to becoming a full-time educator, author, and activist. The Fat Doctor has since become his vocation, bringing him a sense of fulfillment and happiness like never before. There has been no turning back since!

Explore Asher's beliefs and values by reading his Guiding Principles

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