Advocating against medical weight stigma involves actively and vocally supporting everyone’s right to well-being and dignity. My mission is to promote positive change, raise awareness, and provide assistance to empower individuals in overcoming the challenges of weight-related bias in healthcare

Free Resources

My values are rooted in two crucial principles: autonomy and justice. While I do charge for most of my services to sustain my work, I am dedicated to ensuring that financial barriers do not impede access to my services. This commitment drives me to continuously create and offer free resources, including courses, pre-recorded webinars, and educational tools.


I’m deeply committed to active and vocal advocacy, never missing an opportunity to address medical weight stigma. This passion has led me to feature on numerous podcasts, live TV and radio interviews, and provide expert commentary for written articles. You can explore some of these impactful discussions here.

Work With Me

I have delivered diverse training sessions, ranging from engaging one-hour guest speaker events to immersive two-day customized educational experiences. If you’re looking to collaborate with me, I’d be delighted to explore the possibilities together.

The Fat Doctor Podcast

Have you heard about my podcast? You can explore all three available seasons on your favorite podcast platform, and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be resuming monthly recordings.

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