An Open Letter To The GMC

An open letter to the gmc Why Transphobia And Racism Ended My Career Summary I believe that the review into my fitness to practice was solely based on the word of an openly transphobic woman and a series of tweets that she had screenshotted and taken out of context. I believe that a commitment to […]

It turns out diet and exercise aren’t really that important!

It turns out diet and exercise aren’t that important! On the 22nd January 2024, and article I would describe as fairly monumental was published in Jama Open Network, entitled “Improvement of Social Isolation and Loneliness and Excess Mortality Risk in People With Ob-sity” (1). We need to talk about it. Let me start by saying […]

10 things that PCOS is NOT

10 things that PCOS is NOT It is NOT your fault. Anyone who says different is a lying liar who lies. Whilst we don’t know what causes PCOS, we do see early signs of it in young children. It may well be a condition you are born with, even though we won’t diagnose it until […]