Weight Inclusive

I wrote these posts once I discovered the body acceptance community and started campaigning against weight stigma

Lived experience

What do Diabetes, infertility, Lipoedema and PCOS all have in common? Weight stigma of course. I share some thoughts about these and more, drawing on my own lived experience as well as those that have been shared with me.

Weight loss isn’t the answer

Weight loss doesn’t work and it doesn’t really benefit us in any way. If anything it makes things worse. Weight loss isn’t the answer. There is a better way.

The Church of Healthism

Todays post is an exploration of a modern day religion that has resulted from several decades of weight normative and anti-fat narratives. I like to call it the church of healthism. For those of you who don’t know, I grew up without a religion but in my early twenties, I joined an evangelical Christian church. …

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The troll translator

Let’s face facts – I am never going to win any popularity contests. And I have made my peace with that. But over the last few months, I have had a lot of interactions with trolls, and I have gotten quite good at translating troll speech. In the short time that I’ve been speaking out …

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Why I won’t shut up about weight stigma

When we talk about weight stigma, we’re talking about physical characteristics associated with fatness that essentially indicate a lower social value or worth. In modern times, fat is synonymous with being less attractive. And in a society where beauty is currency, the weight loss industry is big business. Until recently, this was particularly true of …

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