Consult with me

Are you seeking a supportive and inclusive space to discuss your health concerns and experiences with weight stigma?


A safe space to share your story without interruption


Collaborate on a diagnosis and treatment plan


No fear of being judged of further traumatised


Validation and empowerment from a doctor who cares

Why Consult With Me

Whether you're seeking a single consultation or interested in a long-term partnership, my consultations follow a consistent format.

Patient-Centered Approach

I prioritize you as the expert of your own life. My consultations follow a patient-centered model, meaning I listen to and am led by your experiences, concerns, and goals.

Intersectional & Trauma-Informed

I understand that your health journey is influenced by various factors, including your identity and past experiences. My approach is intersectional and trauma-informed, ensuring a holistic understanding of your unique needs.

Collaborative Planning

While I cannot order investigations or prescribe treatments, I work collaboratively with you to discuss potential causes for your symptoms. Together, we formulate a plan that you can take back to your healthcare team, ensuring you receive the right treatment moving forward.

Validation & Affirmation

I affirm and validate your right to fair, unbiased medical care. Your experiences are valid, and we're here to support you in asserting your rights.

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**Cancellation and Refund Policy for Weight-Inclusive Consultation**

**1. Cancellation and Refund Period:**
– Participants may request a cancellation and refund for their consultation within 7 days of the scheduled date.

**2. Refund Eligibility:**
– Refunds will only be processed for participants who meet the following criteria:
– Cancellation is requested within the specified cancellation period.
– Participant has not attended the consultation.

**3. Cancellation Process:**
– To request a cancellation and refund, participants must submit a written request via email to
– The request must include the participant’s full name and booking reference number.
– The cancellation request will be processed within 14 business days.

**4. Refund Amount:**
– If a refund request is approved, the refund amount will be calculated based on the following:
– For one-time payment participants: 100% of the consultation fee will be refunded.
– For participants on a monthly payment plan: Refunds will be provided for any future monthly payments beyond the cancellation date.

**5. Non-Refundable Portion:**
– A non-refundable fee of 10% of the consultation fee will be retained to cover administrative and processing costs.

**9. Consultation Cancellation by Organizer:**
– In the rare event that the consultation is canceled by the organizer, you will receive a full refund of the consultation fee.

Please note that this cancellation policy is subject to change, and any updates will be communicated to registered participants. We encourage all participants to review and understand this policy before enrolling in the masterclasses.

By booking a Weight-Inclusive Consultation, participants acknowledge and agree to the terms of this cancellation policy.