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Managing Blood Sugars

If you're fat, chances are someone has recommended weight loss surgery to you. Maybe it's a doctor offering unsolicited weight loss advice. Maybe you're being told you can't have your gallbladder removed unless you agree to it first. Or maybe it's a relative or friend who believes they have your best interests at heart. If you're looking for information about weight loss surgery that is neither stigmatising nor steeped in anti-fat bias, then this masterclass is tailored for you.  Gain access to the live Q&A session, unlimited video and audio recordings (including transcripts), and a PDF filled with essential accompanying information — all for the affordable price of £25

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Tuesday April 9th
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NAFLD: When did we start Fat Shaming Livers?

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I provide scholarship opportunities and pro-bono services to individuals who identify as Fat and belong to at least one of the following marginalized communities:

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