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Your Health, Your Voice

Unlock the power of 'Your Health, Your Voice: A Guide to Confident Advocacy during the Medical Consultation.' For the low price of £25, gain access to a live and interactive Zoom webinar where you'll learn to navigate your health journey with confidence. This comprehensive package includes a life-changing 16-page workbook, packed with valuable information and dozens of tips, as well as unlimited access to the recording of the webinar (plus transcript for unlimited review). Empower yourself today for a healthier tomorrow!

Live Empowerment Session
Nov 29th
7.30 PM (GMT)
16 page Workbook
Unlimited access to recording
Scholarship Places Available

Scholarship Place

I provide scholarship opportunities and pro-bono services to individuals who identify as Fat and belong to at least one of the following marginalized communities:

  1. Black/Brown/Indigenous
  2. Transgender
  3. Refugee/Asylum seekers


If you meet either of these criteria or believe that you qualify for financial assistance and would like to explore this further, please get in touch.

Scholarship application
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