Insulin Resistance

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Insulin Resistance Packages


eBook priced at £4.99


7 day pre-recorded course PLUS ebook COMING SOON


Lifetime access to The Weighting Room Plus additional empowering resources PLUS 7 day pre-recorded course PLUS book COMING SOON


Course designed for weight inclusive professionals PLUS ebook COMING SOON

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A weight-inclusive, evidence-based guide to understanding and managing insulin resistance, free from diet advice. Ebook is approximately 12k words


Explore a 7-day email course designed to accompany the ebook. Each video breaks down individual chapters, offering additional insights and practical guidance


Alongside a specially crafted resource pack for insulin resistance empowerment, you'll gain lifetime access to the Weighting Room, featuring monthly meetups and exclusive access to empowering events hosted by Asher


This 7-day email course is tailored for individuals in the anti-diet, weight-inclusive field seeking a deeper understanding of insulin resistance. With numerous references, it delves into extensive research and offers practical guidance for those working with higher weight clients

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