Lived Experience

Since starting this website, I have wanted to provide a space for other people to share their voices. I believe we all have a story to share and I have personally found that telling my own has been a really healing and cathartic experience. But it also makes me feel extremely vulnerable and exposed.

Which is why I feel extremely honoured that there are people who are willing to share their story with me in return. More so when they grant me permission to post their story on my website. This is a gift and ought to be treated as such. The opinions shared in this section may not align exactly with my own, but that is the beauty of diversity.

I haven’t written any of the posts that you find in this section. I have simply copied and pasted and added a photo or two! Most of them are anonymous, but some people wish to be identified. I am not willing to share anything that goes against everything I believe in or to promote any organisations or companies that have the potential to use this platform to turn a profit. I believe that is a conflict of interest. But I have no issues whatsoever lifting up the voices of other people who inhabit larger bodies.

Remember that it takes guts to share part of yourself with the world, so you only get to comment if you have something kind to say. I don’t care about freedom of speech – I am the moderator of this website and I will not allow you to say anything negative about what is shared in this section.

If you have your own story to share, then feel to get in touch.

Adithi shares what it is like to grow up in a bigger body within the South Asian Community.
Elizabeth shares how she was denied fertility treatment because of her weight and how that has impacted her life.
Naomi describes the stark reality of ‘weight loss surgery’ and what can happen when things go drastically wrong.
Zoe was once congratulated by an Obstetrician for losing weight by vomiting repeatedly for 20 weeks. She tells us what is like to be pregnancy in a larger body.