Are you looking for a safe space where you can connect with like minded people around the world? People who will answer your questions, support your dreams, and offer comfort when you need it? Are you searching for a purpose and a way to channel your own pain and trauma into activism? Then this community is for you. Yes it’s a paid community – people rarely value things they don’t have to pay for. But for £15 a month you get…

  • Conversations

    Access to the Discord Server where we can connect with each other through messages and voice chats. Not sure about Discord? Keep Reading

  • Ask Questions

    Need some advice? Our community is made up of such a diverse group of individuals, each with their own superpowers.

  • Find Your Circle

    We talk about pretty much everything you can imagine, and there's a channel (chatroom) for everyone. If not, we'll create one for you.

  • Monthly Check Up

    Once a month we get together over Zoom. People ask questions and share experiences. It generally ends with Asher on his soapbox.

  • Activism

    Activism begins with community. Activism gives us a purpose. Our activism is about creating a future that is dedicated to equitable healthcare for all.

  • Free Trial

    Try before you buy with a 14 day free trial that allows you to get a feel for whether this group is for you.

Discord? Seriously?

Some people love the idea of a Discord community and jump at the choice to join. Most people aren’t familiar with the app or they don’t like it. But it’s actually pretty great. There are lots of group chats that you can join whenever suits. You can dip in and dip our whenever you like. There are voice channels too and a whole host of options that make for a great online community. Don’t let it put you off – it’s fairly intuitive plus all the cool kids are using it. Remember, you get a 14 day free trial so you can figure out if it’s for you. Here are some of our different channels (chatrooms)…

  • #chill

    A space for members to connect with one another and simply hang out.

  • #rant

    A space for members to vent their frustrations and support one another through difficulties.

  • #thrive

    A space to celebrate all things FAT, from fashion to food to fetish

  • #help

    A space to support one another to navigate weight stigma (monitored by Asher)

Please note that membership starts on the day of purchase and continues until the day you cancel. Upon cancellation, your access to the Discord Server will end. Further Terms & Conditions can be found below.

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