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In the majority of cases, weight bias, stigma and/or discrimination is the direct result of a lack of knowledge and understanding. That’s where Asher is here to help. They are a passionate educator who offers a range of seminars/webinars and workshops that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Whether you are a healthcare provider that is interested in learning about weight inclusive care, an employer looking to address weight based discrimination in the workplace, or an organisation that is interested in addressing weight stigma from an intersectional, trauma informed perspective, Asher is here to work with you. Please use the form below to discuss your individual needs.

Types of Training

For Health Professionals

It is incumbent on health professionals to work in the best interest of their patients, to do no harm, to respect autonomy and to practice fairly and without discrimination. Numerous studies have shown that the majority exhibit quite strong anti-fat bias, which impacts the care that they provide.

Asher provides a number of educational tools and resources for a whole range of healthcare professionals that they can deliver online or in person to groups of any size. The are also in the process of setting up regular workshops with Health Professionals Against Weight Stigma (HPAWS) for  health professionals who are looking to address weight stigma as part of their own continuing professional development.


Weight based discrimination has been demonstrated to occur throughout all the phases of the employment cycle. This includes recruitment, progression and promotion, retention, employee relationships and well-being, and wage penalties.

Research shows that a lack of education in this areas is responsible for weight bias in the workplace. Asher has a number of seminars/webinars and workshops that they can deliver to groups of any size either online or in person that address the myths surrounding weight and health, how to tackle stereotypes, how weight stigma impacts the workplace, and the benefits of reducing discrimination and improving the workplace for people with larger bodies


Asher has delivered a number of bespoke presentations to organisations who are looking to tackle weight stigma.  They have worked for a range of companies including one that produces medical equipment and another that works primarily with informatics and technology. 

They have spoken at charity events and with charitable organisations such as an LGBTQ+ care provider in Scotland.  They have also provided in house training for groups of physiotherapists, dietitians, and medical students. 

Asher is a visiting lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.