Your Body Isn't Designed To Shrink

Learn how to take up space in the doctor’s office and to stand up to weight loss advice

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What You'll Learn

By the end of this course you will be confident in the knowledge that intentional weight loss is...


You've probably heard some of the stats by now but find out just how hard it is to sustain weight loss, and at what cost.


We're told that intentional weight loss prevents, treats and even cures certain illnesses. Learn the truth with real world examples.


Do you know just how harmful intentional weight loss is? Become an expert on the side effects, risks, and long term implications.


Find out how weight loss advice goes against good medical practice and is damaging the publics trust in the profession.

Who is Unshrinkable for?

Fat People

First and foremost, this course is designed FOR Fat people BY a Fat person. It centres lived experience and those who hold multiple marginalised identities

Fat Allies

You'll learn how to advocate for the Fat community and benefit from the voices of those who have personal experience of medical weight stigma


Being kind does not make you weight inclusive. Avoiding difficult conversations doesn't make you safe for Fat patients/clients. Join Unshrinkable and level up.

Client Testimonials

“Asher is so kind and understanding and helps you come to terms with what you've been through, and that helps you release yourself from the weight of carrying that trauma around.”
“Asher, I can’t thank you enough. Its hellish having to fight for treatment and you have made that process easier. You were amazing and I'm very glad for the world that you're doing this.”
"To have a doctor listen to you properly, and actually discuss your concerns and how you feel and what could be going on is game-changing."

Fully Booked

This is a 6 week course. You can either join the live events every Wednesday at 2pm (GMT) or watch the replay. 

You will have unlimited access to video and audio recordings, as well as copies of the slides. 

The course costs £360, which you can pay over  three monthly instalments of £120. 

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